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Tailored Networks

Nurved engineers are highly skilled and experienced in creating, developing and supporting complex IT networks. We can design whole system infrastructures capable of delivering stable and secure environements which are tailored to your business requirements. 

As well as developing new networks, we can also take over the management of existing environements. We can do a full assessment of your current system before structuring the required improvements.

Easy Scalability

If you need to scale your system quickly, no problem. Nurved will have already optimised your network to handle greater capacity or complexity. You won't ever have to worry about bottlenecks.

A Better Network

We'll cut the cost of your network and IT management from the start by careful analysis of infrastructure & network performance, design and structure.

Equally, we'll maximise your network's availability, resilience and security through constant network monitoring and controlled processes based on ITIL standards. Used together, these dramatically reduce risk. 

Nurved IT/Network Outsourcing Services

-Infrastructure design
-Secure networks
-Windows Migration
-Network & application monitoring 24/7/365
-Security (RSA Certs, VPN)
-Lease Lines / Internet / WIFI
-Penetration Testing

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