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Nurved hosting services

Nurved hosting is cost-effective and allows you to keep ownership and control of your assets. We offer a choice of data centres across the UK. You can host your infrastructure in a secure, robust environment that's convenient for your in-house IT team.

  • Websites, Exchange, CRM, Sharepoint, SQL/MYSQL
  • Email filtering and SMTP gateways
  • Zimbra hosting
  • Linux/Windows-based hosting
  • Physical & virtual hosting
  • VM cloud infrastructure
  • On-demand VM hosting

Managed hosting – specifically co-location hosting – is increasingly a strong alternative to housing your IT infrastructure.

The main drivers are:

  • Cost and availability of physical data centre space
  • The need for guaranteed uptime
  • Power and cooling
  • Information security
  • Compliance with Green IT

We can provide co-location hosting as part of a wider managed IT service, with us supervising some or all of the environment, or stand-alone.

Four business benefits

  1. Reduced costs
    Nurved hosting avoids the need to invest in new data centres or upgrade existing ones to meet ever-growing demands for space, cooling and power. This makes costs predictable and reduces the impact of rising or volatile energy prices.
  2. Guaranteed availability
    With 24/7 monitoring and full back-up, our co-location hosting services provide the availability your organisation needs: there's no single point of failure or risk of outage. In addition, you can meet regulatory requirements in areas such as corporate governance, environmental practice and security.
  3. Increased flexibility
    We can configure custom space for your business at a location that suits you. Our hosting services have no minimum space or service requirements, making them very cost-effective.
  4. Smaller carbon footprint
    Using a shared data centre gives real economy of scale. It reduces power consumption, energy waste and the environmental impact of your IT. Co-location hosting also helps you react more effectively to future environmental legislation.



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