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Your Nurved solution will fit your business needs exactly. Our experience in designing complex infrastructure solutions ensures that.

Initial analysis will have established your existing infrastructure and skills, business processes and end-user needs. This allows us to create a project solution design that's accurate and fully informed.

We analyse in detail your business and technical requirements at the outset of the project. This IT analysis and research helps reduce risks, cost and deployment time. Our approach is different: we find that in IT projects, research and analysis are barely addressed, giving less satisfactory performance.


System virtualisation can greatly streamline your IT network. We offer virtualisation of serves, desktops and application delivery including Citrix. More...

Disaster Recovery

Nurved ensures business continuity through advanced disaster recovery. Unlike other suppliers we recover your live servers, not just your data. You'll get working again in minutes – as long as it takes to reboot your recovery systems, while your data is protected with off-site data replication. More...

Hosted Solutions

Our data centres provide a range of hosted services for your business including hosted email, cloud computing and web hosting. More...


Nurved IT support will help your in-house team keep your IT running smoothly. Our on-demand technical support resolves incidents so your IT can operate at maximum performance. In addition, we can provide extra resources to respond to peaks in demand and offer access to skills you may lack in-house. More...


IT Solutions from Nurved

Our vast experience in enterprise IT solutions means we can get yout IT to where it needs to be.

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